Pur3 Ltd was founded in 2006 by Gordon Williams, and provides a complete Software and Hardware Design Service. Not only do we develop software for PCs, Macs, Tablets and mobile phones, but we develop hardware too - including component selection, Circuit + PCB design, embedded software and prototypes.

In addition to our consultancy services, we created and maintain the Espruino JavaScript interpreter for ARM Microcontrollers

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • JavaScript, Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Delphi, Pascal, Basic, Assembler (x86,ARM,PIC)
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, xPath, XSLT
  • Computer Graphics and Vision, both 2D and 3D (OpenGL / DirectX or Software Renderers)
  • Embedded microcontrollers (PIC / ARM)
  • FPGA Design (Verilog / VHDL / Gate-level)
  • DSP Algorithms
  • Compiler / Cross-compiler design and implementation
  • Windows APIs such as MFC, MSXML, DirectX, OpenGL

However we are willing and able to work in many other areas too. Please see Projects for examples of our work.

If you are interested in anything Pur3 can provide, please Contact Us