Single File SlideShow

This was designed as a quick way to randomly display all the photos I had stored on a NAS server (which didn't allow server-side scripting) - it runs on an old Android Tablet. When the webpage is loaded, it uses AJAX requests to scan the entire directory tree of the server for images - no serverside scripting is required at all (just a standard apache-format directory listing from your server). This means you can install it on any device with an HTTP server (eg, your phone - if you install a suitable app).

Setup is as follows:

  • Save the code from this link into an HTML file on your server/nas box in the root of your Photos folder (slideshow.html).
  • If you want a nice 'please wait' indicator, create one and put it in 'slideshow.svg'
  • If you are running offline, you may wish to download jQuery to your server and change the file accordingly
  • Start a web browser on the device you want to use for the Slideshow, and enter the URL of the slideshow - on my NAS box this is:
  • Wait for a few seconds (it may take some time if you have a lot of pictures!), and then photos randomly selected from your entire library will be displayed every 10 seconds.

Currently the photos just appear suddenly when they are loaded. If you implement a nice CSS transition between them, please contact me - I'd love to improve what is here!


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